Our services & solutions are sector agnostic.

Who We Service

Arab Transit has accumulated experience across a wide range of industries. We've handle all sorts of shipments, from liquid products to pharma, to commodities, heavy machinery, live stock, temperature controlled, hazardous cargo, and others. We understand each commodity, industry and customers have their own requirements; our team will accommodate accordingly. Here's a list of some of the industries we service.


Our business is very adept at handling sensitive items found in the agriculture sector. From livestock to wheat, rice, and soy – our expertise covers many aspects to best advise you on the ideal transport methods, suitable containers, and necessary inspections and surveys. There is also on-site fumigation available when required. Our customer feedback has always been positive in regards to our container handling, break bulk, or bagging cargo-chartered vessels. For bulk vessel commodities, our team releases daily reports about the vessel’s stock standing and unloading parcel times to ensure all parties are constantly updated on the whereabouts and status of their delivery.


To determine the best course of action for shipping auto-motives, Arab Transit uses the only the best for the job, regardless of the location or logistics. We have successfully handled a wide range of automotive projects through air shipping, sea vessels, and land transport. We will continue to widen our range of options, which include but are not limited to: Ro-Ro vessels, container vessels, and chartered planes. International suppliers have dealt with us in the past based on the fact that they know their products will arrive in Jordan without hassle or trouble. We are trusted in delivering vehicles via land transport to neighbouring countries, such as Iraq.


As a multi-faceted shipping company, our custom approach to different sectors is a must. For matters like energy, our attention to detail is as necessary as it is immaculate. Iraq is one of our biggest destinations in regards to the energy sector. We can handle and transport pipes for oil and gas projects, as well as deliver electrical generators and sub-stations using direct delivery from vessels. If a client requires a storage facility, we can also offer that option prior to delivery to a final destination. We specialize in the proper treatment of your shipment, and our safety requirements meet world-class standards when it comes to loading and unloading, latching, storing, and transporting the cargo.


Our time in the food and beverage industry has evolved our understanding in the importance of covering various ports, ensuring the essential equipment is readily available, and sticking to a reliable schedule. Whether it is dry or frozen food, we treat our cargo the way we should – with purpose and proficiency. The skilled team at Arab Transit can offer you solutions and recommendations when it comes to shipping your food because we utilize logistics to ensure a delivery in an efficient and cost effective way.


Our relationship with the manufacturing industry has been time-honoured, because our reputation to delivering finished goods in their original condition is one we respect and wish to maintain. We also take care of semi-finished goods, spare parts, heavy-lift machinery, and industrial equipment across Jordan and in the region. Another project we are continuously involved in is the handling of telecom equipment to Iraq through Jordan.


With matters such as pharmaceuticals, we’re dedicated to approaching it with the utmost care it deserves, especially since its nature is time sensitive with no room for error. Arab Transit has the proper capability to manage medical equipment from the world’s leading pharmaceutical suppliers, regardless of the method of shipment. Whether it is air, sea, or land – our vehicles come prepared with temperature regulating options for all products. Our approach meets international standards of safety and global levels of professionalism.


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